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The Killen Group, Inc., based in Berwyn, PA, is the investment advisor to The Berwyn Funds, a Delaware business Trust.

The origin of The Killen Group can be traced back to 1969 when Robert E. Killen co-founded a predecessor investment advisory partnership.  A new corporate structure evolved in 1982 with the founding of The Killen Group in Berwyn, a small town on Philadelphia’s Main Line.

We believe in the importance of independent, intensive, fundamental research, often with a contrarian view.  Our experienced investment team evaluates each company on the basis of its fundamental characteristics, and all of our research is performed in-house.  By performing our research independently, we can remove the emotions of the marketplace from our analysis and focus on obtaining a comprehensive understanding of each company’s business in order to determine its value.

We are value managers, buying fundamentally sound equity and fixed income securities that are most probably out-of-favor with the investment community.  We are long-term oriented and seek to invest in the securities of companies that have the financial wherewithal to withstand unexpected changes in their industry, or the overall economy.  As equity investors, we attempt to purchase a business for less than its intrinsic value.  As fixed income investors, we are disposed to be particularly conservative; however, we have demonstrated an ability to be opportunistic when the rewards, relative to risk, are compelling.

Finally, our investment mindset is based upon “owning a piece of a business” and therefore, we attempt to invest in companies operated by managers who also think as “owners.”

Assets under management at The Killen Group totaled $2.3 billion as of December 31, 2015.  The Killen Group is 100% employee owned.

For more information on separate accounts and sub-advisory services managed by The Killen Group, please visit www.thekillengroup.com.

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As of the close of trading February 9, 2016

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Meet our team

Meet our team

Our seasoned investment professionals take the long-term view and put our shareholders first.

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