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Prospectus, SAI & Reorganization Documents


Statement of Additional Information

Summary Prospectus for the Berwyn Fund

Summary Prospectus for the Berwyn Income Fund

Summary Prospectus for the Berwyn Cornerstone Fund

Proxy Statement and Reorganization Agreement

Annual Reports

2016 Semi-Annual Report

2016 First Half Summary

2016 Mid-Year Commentary, The Berwyn Fund

2016 Mid-Year Commentary, The Berwyn Income Fund

2016 Mid-Year Commentary, The Berwyn Cornerstone Fund

2015 Annual Report

2015 Semi-Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

Quarterly Reports

2016 First Quarter Report, The Berwyn Fund

2016 First Quarter Report, The Berwyn Income Fund

2016 First Quarter Report, The Berwyn Cornerstone Fund

2015 Third Quarter Report 

2015 First Quarter Report

2014 Third Quarter Report 

Applications, Forms & Policies

Account Applications

Redemption Form

Investment Policy Statement

Code of Ethics

Proxy Voting Policy

XBRL Files : eXtensible Business Reporting Language

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Funds Snapshot

As of the close of trading September 27, 2016

Berwyn Fund




Berwyn Income Fund




Berwyn Cornerstone Fund




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Meet our team

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