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Berwyn Fund

Berwyn Fund

Berwyn Fund, incepted in 1984, is a no-load equity mutual fund. It offers investors a diversified portfolio of small-cap stocks selected in accordance with a value style which emphasizes undervalued, temporarily out-of-favor securities such as turnaround situations, companies selling below their intrinsic worth and stocks that may be overlooked by Wall Street. We believe a diversified portfolio of these securities will, over time, provide superior long term performance while reducing market volatility.

A Value Fund seeking long-term growth through capital gains:

– Undervalued common stocks that offer the potential for long-term capital appreciation;
– Low price to earnings, price to book and/or cash flow ratios;
– Diversified portfolio of common stocks with advantageous risk/reward characteristics;
– Annual operating expenses capped at 1.22% until at least 4/29/2018.

Berwyn Income Fund

Berwyn Income Fund

For investors desiring current income while maintaining some potential for capital appreciation, no-load Berwyn Income Fund has filled a unique role since its inception in September 1987.  This fund is also managed utilizing a value-oriented security selection process.  While the majority of Berwyn Income Fund’s portfolio is invested in bonds, it may invest up to 30% of its assets in dividend-paying common stocks.  The fund’s balanced, income-oriented approach may afford a greater level of price stability than an all equity portfolio.

Current income consistent with preservation of purchasing power:

– Income comparable to traditional bond funds;
– Up to 30% of assets in dividend-paying common stocks;
– Above average total returns with reduced volatility;
– Quarterly distribution of dividends;
– Appreciation potential;
– Value-oriented investment approach;
– Annual operating expenses capped at 0.64% until at least 4/29/2018.

Berwyn Cornerstone Fund

Berwyn Cornerstone Fund

Berwyn Cornerstone Fund is a no-load equity mutual fund that adheres to a time-tested style of seeking undervalued investments.  Incepted in May 2002, Berwyn Cornerstone Fund emphasizes companies with market capitalizations considered by most investors to be mid-cap and large-cap in size. The ability to invest across a broad spectrum of market capitalizations gives this fund the flexibility to navigate different market environments.

A Value Fund seeking long-term growth through capital gains:

– Emphasizes mid-cap and large-cap companies;
– Strictly adheres to undervalued selection criteria;
– Advisor has practiced its value style of management for more than two decades;
– Annual operating expenses capped at 1.25% until at least 4/29/2018.

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